Hand-printed pillow case

Valentine’s day is coming up and I wanted to make something lasting and precious. My little girl is the most precious thing for both me and her daddy, so here’s what I came up with.

I’ve made pillow cases decorated with her hand-prints. A blue one for daddy, a red one for mummy. They are adorable and I can already see her playing around on my pillow with her ‘old hand-print’ a few months down the road.

I’m going to explain how I’ve made the stencils for this project and from then on, you’ll be able to make just about anything. The stencils I make are reusable so you can use them to paint on textile, paper, wood, wall… anything really, again and again.

For this project, just before bath time, I undressed my little one and did lots of hand-prints on lots of regular print paper so that I had plenty of prints to choose from for my design.

hand prints

*these hand-prints have been Photoshopped to black. Originally I used red ink.


Once I picked the best looking prints, I stuck clear parcel tape on both sides (front and back). After this, with a stanley knife I carefully cut out the painted areas trying to maintain as much detail of the print as possible.


I didn’t want to make a bigger mess than absolutely necessary, so if you look closely, you’ll notice that there’s no paint on the right hand print. That’s because it’s a left hand print, turned over. I gave my little one a rubber duck to hold in her right hand and chew on it while I was busy making as many left hand prints as possible.



This is actually a trial print in the fold of the pillow case. Make sure, you try your stencil and your technique somewhere invisible first

I placed a plastic bag inside the pillow case to stop the paint seeping through onto the back of the pillow case, then I flattened and secured the pillow case to my work surface. I used the clear parcel tape for this purpose as well.


hand stencils

I positioned the stencils where I wanted them to be and taped them down, making sure they were flat on the surface. The parcel tape also stops getting paint where not intended, so don’t be shy using it.

I put a drop of paint on a piece of sponge and with firm presses I applied paint where needed. For finishing, follow the instructions on the textile paint you are using.


I think this is a lovely project for any occasion. Kids grow way too fast… Isn’t this a wonderful keepsake as well?

Click the link to download the Heart pattern


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