Unmarried and having a baby on Bali

My daughter was born in early 2015, in Denpasar at Bali Royal Hospital (BROS). It took me some time to find a good OBGYN, but the countless visits to different hospitals and constant inquiry from friends and strangers for that matter, led to a wonderful result when I finally found Dr. Hariyassa at Kasih Medika on Jl. Diponegoro, Denpasar.

Giving birth on Bali is the easy part. I guess all hospitals operate differently, however at BROS if you hold a valid KITAS or Social Budaya Visa, you get charged the local rate. I gather this might be useful info for some.

Now here is the thing: In Indonesia it’s a complete tabu to have children outside marriage, therefore it rarely happens, but there are the odd bule (foreign) couples who decide not to get married before the baby’s arrival. If there is one way for you to get married, I advise you to do so.

So here is the procedure for British nationals to obtain a birth certificate for your child if you are not married. Bare in mind that you have only 60 days to do this before you start generating overstay fines, so start the process asap.

1. Receive the Statement of Birth from the hospital. This is NOT the Birth Certificate and it’ll only show the mother’s and baby’s names. Father in not mentioned anywhere during the whole documentation process.

2. Go to Catatan Sipil office and ask for the necessary forms to be filled in, in order to obtain the Birth Certificate. They are open until 2pm Monday to Thursday and until 11am on Fridays. I’ve never seen a queue at the counter, so it’s always a quick visit as long as you speak Bahasa Indonesia. Here’s the address:

Dinas Perhubungan Komunikasi

dan Informatika Pemerintah

Kabupaten Badung

JL. Raya Sempidi, Mangupura – Badung,
Denpasar, Bali
NB.: This is not the only Catatan Sipil office on Bali, but this one encompasses most regions, therefore it’s likely that this is the one you’ll have to go to. Check first.
3. Fill out all documents. This sounds super easy, but hey you aren’t married so you’ll be given a form like this, which is basically asking government officials to state that it’s ok to issue a birth certificate for your child who was born outside marriage.
surat pertanyaanAs you can see, there are two signatures required at the bottom of this form. That’s for locals only. You want to ignore everyone who is telling you to get those signatures. What you really need is a legalisation stamp from the British Embassy Jakarta. They will only sign it if it’s notarised first, by their recognised public notaries for a fee of Rp630,000/signature.
Rainy Hendriany is their recognised public notary based in Sanur.

Afterwards, you can visit the British Embassy Jakarta so that they can legalise the signature of the notary. Be informed that the British Consulate Bali could not perform notarial service including legalisation ones. Nevertheless, you do not have to go to the British Embassy Jakarta in person since you can assign someone else on your behalf provided that the messenger brings the Power of Attorney.

4. When you have all documents, go along to Catatan Sipil with your two witnesses who have to sign the form in front of the officer when handing in your folder.

5. After about two weeks the Birth Certificate is ready for collection. This is free of charge.

NB.: Make sure you check the child’s nationality, because they like to get it wrong and it takes them a month to correct it. If this happens to you, don’t hand it back to them straight away. Go and get a few colour photocopies of it just for the record and if your passport application is ready for submission, submit it with the ‘wrong’ Birth Certificate. Only after you’ve done this, you should get them to correct their mistake.

I submitted my passport application like this to Her Majesty’s Passport Office in the UK, and they didn’t say anything, but if your case is different and they get back to you asking for correction, you’d still be saving time.

6. With the corrected Birth Certificate go to the Immigration Office and report the birth of a foreign child. If you do this at the Kuta Office, you’ll be directed to Ibu Manik upstairs and she’ll take about a week to give you a document with your child’s photograph on it. You’ll be asked to present this document when leaving the country.

7. When you receive the passport make your way to the immigration office to obtain your baby’s visa. If you do this after the 60 days had passed, you’ll be asked to pay overstay (currently Rp300.000/day) The child gets whatever visa their mother has.

If you happen to be delayed by any government body, it’s a good idea to ask them to state this in a letter addressed to the Immigration Office. This will most likely help you reduce or completely clear overstay fines.

Good luck and please comment if you’d like to share your experience.





  • Help please i have the same situation but i have over stayed my childs birth by 3 months and dont have the money.

  • Did the father end up having their last name on the passport of baby in the end ? Thanks

  • Hi

    I have a question I’m an Australian and my fiance is phillipine.
    She is separated but only on verbal due to the fact phillipine don’t honour divorce.
    My question is if we holiday in Indonesia or Bali.. And she happen to give birth to our child as she has no valid documents stating she is divorced can we issue a birth certificate as a De fucto as a couple or partner

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