Craftutoring is a blog mainly about homeschooling and life in Indonesia as an expat. At the time of this sites’ launched I lived on Bali Island and prepared to move to a remote island in Indonesia called Sumba Island. My focus is on educational activities for children, especially ones that involve some kind of crafts. I do occasionally come up with recipes that I must write down otherwise I’ll forget them. I figure it’s no bigger effort to add them to my blog, so you’ll find them here. You’ll also find some of my views on parenting, where I welcome you to share yours too. I share printables, teaching ideas and resources with my readers.

Craftutoring offers a limited number of side bar advertising, as well as accepted sponsored opportunities

Working with Craftutoring will allow you to reach thousands of women who are already users of social media in a way that is meaningful to them. Craftutoring can represent and share your brand with a loyal and engaged audience.

Craftutoring is well suited to promote family friendly, child centered products as well as products related to printing, art and craft, design, home and garden.

Items such as children’s clothing, books, educational toys, art and craft supplies, kitchen and home-wares, printers and printing supplies, and gardening related products all do well on Craftutoring.

Working With Craftutoring

If you would like more information about working with Craftutoring, you can get in touch with me via email here:

I’m happy to provide rates and details on the following:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating content for brand websites
  • Setting up and curating Pinterest boards
  • Consulting with brands on how best to use social media and internet marketing
  • And other unique opportunities tailored to fit your brand.

Advertise on Craftutoring

Craftutoring currently offers limited private side bar ads for products and services that are a good fit for my audience.

No more than 3 100x300px ads sit mid range of my side bar and suit family friendly, child focused brands and services.

I can also offer graphic design services to create a suitable ad image or an opt-in box.

If you are interested in a side bar ad please contact me with clear information about your product, what kind of advertising you have in mind and for how long, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Guest Posts

Please do not email asking to guest post on Craftutoring.

Since Craftutoring is a personal blog I do not accept guest posts from brands or companies.

I occasionally run guest posts from other bloggers or writers, and will put out a call on my blog or Facebook page when these opportunities arise.


Guidelines for Advertising and Reviews.

  • All content that has been paid for, by money, product, or trade, with have a clear disclosure statement at the beginning of the post
  • All links that have been paid for, by money, product, or trade, will be nofollow.
  • Craftutoring will only promote or review products/services that I feel fit with my blog’s style and audience.
  • Craftutoring is a personal blog; I don’t write about or recommend things I haven’t personally experienced. All review posts must include a product for me to try.
  • All review items must be shipped to me free of charge and are not returnable unless special arrangements have been made prior to the item being sent.
  • Sending me an item to review, does not guarantee it will feature on my blog. If you would like to confirm a review/giveaway post or be featured in your own post please contact me for my sponsored post guidelines and costs.
  • Craftutoring may use information or a press release provided by a client but Craftutoring articles are always written in my own voice.
  • I always offer my honest opinion – good, bad or indifferent, but will give clients a chance to work through any major problems or concerns before I publish.
  • Clients may make factual changes to a blog post, but the final say on tone, wording and content remains with the author.
  • No discriminatory or offensive ads will be accepted.

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