What is Craftutoring about?

Mostly it’s about offering creative ideas for teaching children at home for homeschooling parents or anyone who is looking for ideas for activities with kids.

If you are looking for:

  • printable teaching materials
  • homeschooling literature
  • parenting advice
  • ideas about how to get organized
  • quick meal ideas

You are in the right place!

I started Craftutoring when my daughter was born in early 2015, knowing that I’ll want to homeschool her. I have a BA Design degree from University of London and I used to be an English teacher before my daughter came along. My focus throughout the site is to implement my skills and creative ideas to teach children through crafts. I believe that children learn much faster when they are involved in making things, experimenting and are exposed to impulses.

Klara the creator of Craftutoring

Klara the creator of Craftutoring

At the time when this blog was started, we lived on Bali Island – Indonesia, planning to move to a more remote island called Sumba, also in Indonesia. Sumba Island would not offer the kind of education I’d like my child to have, so I began to prepare myself for the task of homeschooling her.

This site is also a means of income for me, therefore you’ll find some affiliate links here and there. I’d never recommend products that I don’t genuinely believe in and I didn’t try out myself first. If you happen to like some products I promote and you purchase, I thank you for doing so and I hope you find it as useful as I did.

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